Current projects

PI: Karoliina Lehtinen

Past projects

In collaboration with IRISA (Rennes), LaBRI (Bordeaux), LSV (Cachan), ISIR (Paris), LRDE (Paris)

In collaboration with LaBRI (Bordeaux), IRIF (Paris), and CRIStAL (Lille)

  • ANR JCJC SensAS Formal Sensitivity Analysis of Quantitative Systems

In collaboration with IRISA (Rennes)

  • PEPS CNRS SOSI (2016) Security of Timed Systems with Partial Information

PI: Pierre-Alain Reynier

In collaboration with IRISA (Rennes), and LSIS (Marseille)

  • PHC Tournesol VAST (2016)

In collaboration with Université libre de Bruxelles (Belgique)

  • PEPS CNRS SOSP (2013-2014) Synthesis of Stream Processors

PI: Pierre-Alain Reynier

  • FP7 SecAC (2012-2016)

In collaboration with FBK Trento (Italie)

  • ANR Impro (2011-2014) Implémentabilité et Robustesse des systèmes temporisés

PI: Pierre-Alain Reynier

  • ANR ECSPER (2009-2013) Etude et Conception de systèmes avec Perturbations

PI: Pierre-Alain Reynier